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I am this website.

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I'm a german web- & other media designer, project manager & coder. Blogging regularly (personal weekly reviews (#Wochenrueckblick) & #WMDEDGT). I love hanging out outside running, cycling or walking my dog Chewie. Also doing vocals for FALL OF CARTHAGE (#fallofcarthage #metal).

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Bendy neurodivergent poet/writer/performer with EDS. Environment, accessibility, dance, maths, poetry, gym, psychological thrillers (novels)

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Co-Founder of three kids Work: Multicloud Managed Services From: Bavaria Lang: DE & EN

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TechCrunch editor, Consumer News & Apps

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I am a human, a student of computer science at the University of Osnabrück, a struggling minimalist, a dogless dog lover, and a cautious tech enthusiast. Constantly out of spoons. Find me on micro.blog/jeldo...

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IT-Admin from Germany, loves movies, TV-Shows, anything Sci-Fi related, and the Internet

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kind people are my kinda people

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he/him • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 • 💭 Tech, F.C. Hansa, Tennis, Cinema, Politics, Gaming • 📍 Frankfurt

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