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#Rohingya, Content creator, #Photographer, Blood donor & #humanitarian. Co-founder at Rohingya Noor Learning Center (RNLC) rnlc is a home base learning center for rohingya children

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Tech | Astronomy πŸ”­ | Science | SciFi | Star Trek πŸ––πŸΌ | Gaming / RPG

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VueJS | Magento | Shopware | WordPress

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Red Teaming | threat hunting | Malware RE | Threat intelligence|| these are a few of my favorite things….

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kind people are my kinda people

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Technology Strategist | Product Manager | Chief/Principal Architect | AI/ML | SecML | MLSys | MLOps | Hyperscale | Cloud | Startup Advisor | Commercialization | via
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The world's only lovable tech journalist.

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security researcher

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Life goal achieved: Three digit user ID that is also a palindrome.

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CEO of 3d Immersive Collaboration Corp
Programmer, designer. Interested in
3d collaboration platforms:
. remote work
. training
. education
AI, ethics, and philosophy.

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