Pebble is the kinder, safer, more fun public square, enriched with AI.

From our early days as T2 to our evolution into Pebble, our ethos is consistent: creating an inviting space for genuine dialogue. The name “Pebble” signifies that even small interactions can leave profound impacts.

Within our platform's 280-character format, you'll find familiar features, but the real magic is in the values we've championed since day one: trust, safety, and an enriching user experience.

Ready to dive into Pebble? No need to wait. Click on the "Get your @handle" button and be part of our vibrant community.

We are building in the open and welcome your feedback. Reach out to us at contact@pebble.is to share your thoughts.

All security researchers should report any potential vulnerabilities to security@pebble.is to be eligible for our bounty program.


Gabor Cselle (@gabor), Co-Founder / CEO
Prior to Pebble, Gabor was a Director at Google overseeing 0-1 incubation of new consumer products, and a Group Product Manager at Twitter where he led consumer product initiatives. He previously started and sold two companies: reMail, a mobile email app acquired by Google, and Namo Media, a native mobile ads platform which was acquired by Twitter. Gabor has a Masters degree in computer science from ETH Zurich.

Sarah Oh (@sarah), Co-Founder
Previously she was a Human Rights Advisor at Twitter. Before that, Sarah helped establish Facebook’s first team focused on implementing concrete product changes to prevent violence. Sarah graduated from Northwestern University and was previously a Visiting Scholar at The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society at the University of California.

Michael Greer (@michael), Co-Founder
Michael is our CTO. He comes to Pebble after nearly 6 years at Discord, where he ran Core Product teams as a Senior Director of Engineering. Previously, he co-founded TAPP Media, and was the CTO of America's finest news source The Onion for 8 years.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please email press@pebble.is

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